A Guide To Wooden Conservatories

Wooden conservatories are beautiful natural structures that really add an enchanting dimensional dimension to your house. Wood is a unique material that is rich in personality and character, nowhere else you will find those qualities in any other kinds of conservatories created from synthetic materials such as uPVC. It looks like the traditional kind of garden pavilion but with wooden slats instead of windows. This gives it a very distinctive look and even though it is made from wood, the main consideration is that it is very much weather resistant. The good side of this is that there are no sharp corners and therefore the wooden structure does not need to be replaced every now and then. If you love the rustic feel, then wooden conservatories would be perfect for you since it has been around for centuries and you can definitely get the feel and look you are looking for.


There are different types of timber framed conservatories and all of them are elegant and pleasing to the eye. The glazed panels are the ones that give this conservatory its characteristic look. You can get any kind of wood, oak, maple, pine, etc, but you should avoid artificial woods like pine as these are prone to termites. The glazing process uses special chemicals and so you should be careful while choosing the timber dealer or supplier. Glazed panels are usually sealed and so you need not worry about getting moisture into the structure wooden conservatories.


While glazing, special care is needed as they are fragile structures and if not done carefully, they could even get broken. Some of the common methods used are C fibre, fiberglass and polycarbonate. In glazed panels, the glaze is filled with oxygen and nitrogen. When the glazing is done properly, there will be no gas bubbles, the glass will be perfectly even and clear and the R value of the glass should be exactly measured so that it does not have a low value and so on. There are various types of joints to be made in the wooden conservatories and the glass will need to be fitted as per the requirements of the glass manufacturer.


You should also keep the access to the wooden conservatory simple and easy. If it has drawers inside it, make sure you maintain them properly. It would be better if you leave the drawer numbers and interlock the doors. Make sure that the lock is working properly and if there is any rusted hardware, remove it and replace it with new ones. You can also consider fitting wooden doors with glass panel inserts that give better security for your belongings.


The traditional design of wooden conservatories was based on the U-values of glass. It was believed that higher U-values added more light to the room. Therefore, you should choose a glass with an excellent U-value if you want to improve the appearance and offer good light to your room. Casement windows are now used in most traditional conservatory styles and it is the most modern type available. You can find single and double glazed casement windows to suit your personal needs.


If you wish to fit a swimming pool into your conservatory, you should check with your local council to find out whether it is required before applying for planning permission. You should also check if you will need planning permission to build another room in your conservatory once you have finished using it as a holiday home or as a second living space. It is also necessary to keep your conservatory in good condition throughout its use, because this will ensure its continued use after you move on to a new house. Regular maintenance will keep your timber conservatory in good condition.

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